Sunday, July 12, 2009


This is our suggested annual activity calender; however it is subject to change, postponement or cancellation of any activity at any time without notice.

JANUARY - (1) Kumon Award Ceremony – “Every child an Achiever”
FEBRUARY - Parent calls
MARCH - March Break, one week closed
APRL - (5) Paint an Easter egg and donate to the Children’s make a wish foundation
MAY - (2) Parent Calls
JUNE - Parent Calls
JULY - (3) Ice-cream voucher, closed last week summer break
AUGUST - Ice-cream voucher, closed last week summer break
SEPTEMBER (4) Family movie/Educational documentary
OCTOBER - Parent Calls
NOVEMBER - Halloween Treats
DECEMBER - (5) Paint a Christmas tree decoration and donate to the foundation. Closed two weeks winter break.

1) Every year in January we hold our Annual Awards Ceremony where every Kumon child is honoured for their hard work and achievements through the year. Program completers are acknowledged as are milestone achieved. Scholarships are handed out to the reading completers.
2) During parent call months, the Instructor calls up families to check if all is going well, make suggestions or just reconfirm that the student is on track with their goals to become a program completer.
3) Normally in the 3rd week of July and August every Kumon student receives a free icecream voucher to use at the icecream parlour which is at the corner of Teron and Calian.
4) A family movie or documentary is chosen as a treat for the Kumon families. This can be shown either at the hall in the church or in a cinema hired for the occasion.
5) Kanata North Kumon supports the “Make a wish foundation” This foundation grants the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions. Make-A-Wish makes a huge difference in the kid’s lives. When there isn’t a cure, there is still something positive in their lives to look forward to. By Introducing our Kumon children to be part of this we feel we have a total win-win situation. They have a fun painting activity in the seasons of giving and sharing during Easter and Christmas. The proceeds go to the foundation to help make some child’s dream come true! Every time we will request a different child/family to participate in the handing over of the cheque to the foundation.

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