Monday, July 13, 2009


I realised quite some time ago that I was spending too much time on tuition collection, following up on late fees and handling NSF cheques. Since then my research has been on to find an alternative system that will not only free up my time but as a business ensure my processses are efficient, streamlined and cost-effective for my customers.

When education is my calling do I really want to spend all that extra time on administration?
I really wish to free up my time to focus on providing a quality educational experience for my students.

Currently I am manually processing every payment and this can be very time consuming. We have come up with an alternative that will allow us to provide a great customer service and continue to build up a long term relationship while running a fair and profitable business.
We are in the process of setting up a system where we can offer all types of hassle free payment options to my Kumon families. This is also in line with our going-green plan to reduce the number of cheques that parents have to issue to us yearly not to mention how many books they need to order and thus incur extra expenses per cheque leaf. As banks continue to increase their charges and rates, cost per cheque leaf and charges for payments returned continue to grow.

This process will enable us to collect payments via Visa, Mastercard or Debit. The exact details are still being worked out. It will probably come into effect from September for new enrollments and from January 2010 for existing Kumon families. Once we are ready to move with this system a letter will go to all families to inform them of the change and the process involved for them to switch over.

So do be on the lookout for change is in the air!

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