Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dear Parents,

We have officially "sprung forward," bringing longer days and the promise of spring. This time of year also brings increase in activities: soccer, baseball, track, swimming and simply getting outside to play after a winter thaw. Additionally, students may find pressure from school to complete the curriculum before the year ends, meaning a pile-up of projects and homework.

Even with additional activities and the pull of the outdoors, I encourage you to keep Kumon as a part of your daily routine. Naturally, you may encounter some spring fever resistance! Consistent Kumon study will ensure your child stays on track, keeping skills finely tuned.

These skills will serve kids over time. One former student, MIT undergraduate Frederick Wang said: You might be surprised to hear that some people at MIT are struggling with math, but it happens. I see some kids in my dorm staying up all night trying to get their homework done. Not me. Kumon gave me a strong math background so that I didn't struggle with my homework like some of my peers.

Learning math is like climbing a staircase: each step is essential to move up to the next. If just one step is weak or broken, it can result in the student sliding backwards and losing confidence. Mathematics enables mankind to unlock cosmic mysteries, achieve break-through understanding of chromosomal structure or disease prevention - and create mind-blowing technology.

Don't we all want our children be prepared for the higher education they need in order to obtain work that is challenging, fulfilling and impacts the world around them? That is my greatest hope for all my students!

Kumon worksheets may appear basic and repetitive - yet they serve to instill the skills that, once mastered, serve as building blocks to more challenging mathematics.

It was gratifying to hear from parents in the last three weeks following school reports. Some called to share that their children's school teachers actually commented how disciplined, focused and organized their child had become! We don't just teach math and reading. Our program fosters many other skills that help to develop independent learners.

Please do get in touch if you need to adjust your workload or schedule in order to keep up with spring activities. I am always available for a parent conference and highly recommend that you schedule one every 6 months.                                 
Sanjit Kaur

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