Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Transition to High School

Transition to High School - Tools and resources for students and parents.

•Choose your classes - you can choose the classes you are interested in, after grade 9.
• Class Length - all classes are 75 minutes long, not 40 minutes.
• Course Options - you can choose between Academic, Applied, Locally Developed or Essentials classes.
• Exams - you must write exams at the end of many courses.
• Learn the course codes for HS
• Semestered Classes - you have up to four classes per term.
• Summatives - you will be completing summative or "end of course" tasks as a part of your final evaluation.

OCDSB Resources
Colonel By High School International Baccalaureate Program - General Information
List of OCDSB Secondary Courses - description of various program.
OCDSB Special Education Publications
OCDSB Special Education Services Guide for Parents
OCDSB Website
What is the IPRC process?

Ontario Ministry of Education Resources
6 Ways - Proposed changes to improve Secondary Education in Ontario.
Ministry of Education - Grade 9 curriculum.
New Transition Plan To Help Struggling Students Prepare For High School (article)
Ontario Ministry of Education - Frequently Asked Questions
Ontario Ministry of Education - Transition to Grade 9
Programs, Strategies and Resources to help students succeed in Grades 7-12.
Student Success - Learning to age 18 (for parents)

Other Practical Planning Resources for Success in High School
EQAO - Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test and Grade 9 Math Test
Future Building Program - Ottawa trades
Jump Start Your Career - career planning ideas.
Ontario Exam Bank - previous exams used for student practice (membership fees).
Ontario Secondary School diploma Requirements
Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)
Ontario's Designated Provider of Distance Education Independent Learning Centre
Planning for Secondary School - Tips to help parents and students plan their secondary experience. Courses are explained and identified in 11 different languages.
Secondary Schools guidelines for assessment, evaluation, grading and reporting.
Skills connect - trades site.
The Boomerang Project - High School Transition Program Types of courses in grade 9 and 10 - explanation of academic, applied, essentials and locally developed courses.

I hope you will have the opportunity to go through some of these sites and forums. If you find the information practical and relevent, do drop me a line or two to let me know. It is encouraging to hear that and gives me the pleasure to continue to post relevent articles for students and parents at our Kumon Math & Reading Centre.
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