Thursday, September 16, 2010

Animal School - Do give your child the tools to write their own success stories.

From Good to Great..................Every Child An Achiever. Every child at our centre is special and we stress this at our regular assistant trainings. To express how individualised our program is and how very special your child is at our centre, I request you to enjoy this video I have posted and share your comments with us.

We have plenty of ducks, eagles, bears, zebras, kangaroos, fishes, squirrels, and bees enrolled with us at our centre. And each one is special to us. Each one comes with their own charm and skills, strengths and weaknesses. We try to build upon the strengths while keeping the weaknesses in mind.

"This program aims for every child to reach their full potential. Every student starts out at a comfortable pace, so they’re feeling motivated from the very beginning. We Customise Kumon to suit your child's needs............Sanjit Kaur, Kumon Instructor.

Do give your children the tools to write their own success stories. Kumon, allows students of all ages and abilities to develop the skills necessary to have a richer, more successful educational experience. It’s where they gain the confidence and motivation to learn, accomplish and achieve more on their own. Kumon Math and Reading Programs can be tailored for advanced students who need to be challenged and are able to work well ahead of their peers, or for students who need help catching up. We will design individualized programs that allow them to advance at their own pace, instilling in them a passion and desire to learn more.

Junior Kumon is designed specifically with younger children in mind. It helps foster a desire to learn while also preparing them for their first academic challenges in math and reading.

The success of the program lies in its technique. With Kumon, children are able to fully grasp one concept at a time — at their own pace — before advancing to the next, ensuring that they completely understand each level and subject. Our program builds confidence and increases children’s desire to learn.While enrolled in Kumon, your children will gain a significant understanding of the core subjects, math and reading, as well as develop the skills — such as improved concentration, perseverance and dedication — needed to succeed.

Be it a Bear or a Bee, a Kangaroo or a Fish, we welcome all at the Kanata North Kumon Centre with a smile, lots of encouragement and high-fives! to reach out to their highest potential.

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