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Program completion is the ultimate goal of the Kumon Math & Reading programs.
`Every child has the desire to grow further as well as the potential to do so. As we respond to such desires that can be developed without limits - we believe this not only brings happiness to children and their parents, but is also very important for society.`

Students who have completed the Kumon Reading Program have built skills in close reading and reading comprehension, and can think abstractly, analytically and critically. They have built a strong academic background in preparation for advanced high school and university or college-level English courses. Students who have been exposed to the variety of genres included in the Reading program often have a richer understanding of history, math, science and literature. Kumon focuses on all of the skills that are necessary to help students succeed in their academic pursuits. The Kumon reading program is designed for `education that helps children understand how society in structured and how our lives should be`

  • for knowledge
  • to learn
  • for fun
  • to do research
  • for studying
  • for information
  • to relax
  • interesting subject
  • for instructions (`how to`)

  • eye catching front cover
  • information on the book cover
  • interesting title
  • authors we know and like
  • great illustrations
  • recommendations form friend, family, friends
  • another book in a series
  • books that are turned into moviesé tv programs
  • genres that we like
  • to try the beginning
  • new and popular books
  • heard it read aloud
  • read it before and enjoyed it
  • part of a book club

MAKING GOOD BOOK CHOICES EASY: want to relax, a favorite picture book or storyline, you have heard it read aloud before, a book you have read before, does not take a lot of effort to read and understand.
JUST RIGHT: understand it well and enjoy the flow of writing, enjoy the unfolding of the plot or the enjoy the topic at hand, only a few new words or phrases to think about, can get lost in the book and cannot wait to turn the next page, would highly recommend it further.
CHALLENGING: difficult for you to read, trouble in understanding many of the words or the phrases, too complicated a plot.

To find what is the right level or the recommended books, inquire about the Kumon Reading Recommended Library list (RRL). At the Kanata North Kumon Centre we have almost 80% of the recommended books plus a lot more for our students to read. We also offer the book tracker. This maintains a record of all the books you have read either while in the program or from an outside library too and has been designed for the child to write a `book report`in their own words and thoughts. This allows for creativity and a vivid imagination.

In addition, students enrolled in both the Math and the Reading Program at the Kanata North Kumon centre are automaticaly entered in the reading scholarship program ($500 plus gifts and certificates from the centre and Kumon head office) once they complete the reading program (Level L) successfully.

This year we are please to announce 2 reading completer's and winners of the reading $500 scholarship. These students are currently also enrolled in the Kumon Math program in high levels.
  • Ravi Unhelkar in Grade 11 and
  • Rathess Aravindan in Grade 10
Congratulations to these students who have persevered and enjoyed working through the reading program over the years. It has also been my pleasure as an instructor and personally very fulfilling to plan and lead them to a successful completion of the Reading program. I wish them the same success as they continue to work through the Kumon Math program.

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